T-Shirts and Hoodies
We have also negotiated with Squat Orange (www.squatorange.com) our t-shirt supplier, and they will print single t-shirts and Hoodies on request. Cost £12 for a t-shirt & £22 for a Hoodie (2012 price).

You may have the design printed in any of their range of colours. It is also possible to print a version of the logo on a polo shirt, by arrangement with Squat Orange.

There will be another t-shirt order going to squat orange at the start of December, so that they are printed in time for Christmas.

t-shirts can now be ordered directly from Squat Orange.

We have a stock of adult and junior socks, the cost is £10 /pair see Nat.

Club Patch
We will soon be producing a club patch to be worn on a fencing jacket.

Club Badges
25mm pin badges (30p each)