Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions by people who have enquired about fencing - the list is not exhaustive - If you have any more questions about fencing please contact us, either by phone, or e-mail.
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Child Protection
All three qualified coaches at Cotswold fencing club have undergone an enhanced CRB check, and have attended a recognised child protection course, and are registered with NGB (British Fencing).
Cotswold Fencing Club is a British Fencing (National Governing Body) affiliated club.

Are there age or fitness limitations?
As long as you are over 7 years of age ( as we are limited on equipment size ) there is no real age limit for fencing, many fencers are still fencing in their 80's.
A general level of fitness is OK.

What weapons do you fence ?
We fence Foil, Epee and Sabre, but encourage beginners to initially take up the Foil.

What clothing and equipment would I need ?
Initially you will need no specific equipment - we supply mask, glove, jacket & foil ( sword ).

But you will need full length trousers such as track suit bottoms, and a spare T-shirt is always a good idea.

As you progress, you buy your own equipment. ( Either all at once or a piece at a time.) After one year of fencing we would expect you to have acquired the basic equipment you would need to fence.

There is a second hand market for equipment.

How much does it cost?
If you have never fenced before then it is better if you join one of our beginners courses and they cost £45 for 6 weeks.

For Club members it is £6 a week, and £7 for visitors with a discounted rate for students

Do you have classes for complete beginners ?
We run beginners courses, details of which will be posted on the "Beginners Courses" page. These are run 3 times a year, and there are seperate classes for Juniors and Adults.

Exceptions :- 1 : Parents of Juniors may fence other parents during the Junior course

                  :- 2 : Older Juniors may take part in the senior session if invited to, with the express permission of their parents.

For further details Contact Kevin Nelson  by e-mail  at

Equipment Costs
Several fencing manufactures have put together starter kits, which contain the basic equipment that you will require. Please look at their websites for further details. (See links page).

We advise that you try on before you buy, and to discuss your requirements with your coaches first, to make sure that you buy the correct equipment.
When buying second hand - make sure the clothing is CEN marked.

Although the initial outlay on fencing equipment may seem expensive, fencing kit does not go out of fashion, nor easily wear out, so a fencing jacket may last you 5 to 10 years.